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Crannog Centre, Scotland

Saturday, September 05, 2009

This afternoon I am posting information on one my favourite Scottish sites, namely the Scottish Crannog Centre on Loch Tay.

This reconstructed iron-age building is unique. It was built using information obtained by archaeologists working underwater, at the Oakbank site on the opposite bank of Loch Tay.

A Crannog is a type of high status, loch (lake) dwelling in use from about 3000BC through to (in rare cases) the 17th century AD. The structure is that of a timber built roundhouse supported on wooded piles driven into the loch bed and situated just off the bank so that a short bridge is required to access the building.

It is believed that the occupants of crannogs were wealthy farmers who kept animals and exploited and managed the local, natural environment.

This is an excellent interpretation centre with volunteers demonstrating wool spinning, wood turning and fire lighting using ancient technologies. Visitors can participate in these activities.

I can arrange tours to the Crannog Centre.



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Clava Cairns 'Balnuaran of Clava', Scotland.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

This evening, I am posting a video clip of a famous, 4000 year old prehistoric site located near to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands and which comprises a group of prehistoric burial cairns:

>The North-East Cairn, which is a well preserved passage grave and was probably completely enclosed when built. This monument is aligned with the Midwinter Solstice.

>The Central Cairn, which is a ring cairn and consist of an unbroken circular enclosure which was open at the centre.

>The Kerb Cairn, which is a small ring of boulders located close to the central ring cairn. Note use of different coloured stones.

>The south-West Cairn, which is almost identical to the other passage grave and shares the same orientation on the midwinter sun.


This site is relatively close to the more famous Culloden Battlefield. Entrance is free.


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Balnuaran of Clava Scotland

Monday, September 22, 2008

This afternoon, I am presenting some images of the prehistoric cemetery near Inverness.

This dates back 4000 years and was used in two distinct periods: 2000BC and 1000BC.

The cairns extend along a gravel terrace raised above the River Nairn. The site may have been used for farming prior to construction of the cairns. Probably only one body would have been placed in the central chamber of each cairn.

South West Cairn

Central Cairn

North East Cairn


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Clava Cairns Prehistory Tour Scotland

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This afternoon, I am presenting some images of a recent visit to Balnuaran of Clava, near Inverness which was incorporated in a recent tour.

This is an exceptionally well preserved group of prehistoric burial cairns dating back about 4000 years.

Here is a kerb stone with evidence of cup-marks.These are small, dish shaped depressions which have been carved into a rock surface by pecking away with a hard stone implement for what motive no-one knows for certain. There are 104 theories to explain the function of cup marks.

Here is an overview of the site looking towards the N.E.Cairn which is a well preserved passage grave.
Here is inside of one of the cairns which would have contained a body.

Anothse aspect of the site
Here is a friendly tour guide against one of the circle of standing stones which circle the N.E.Cairn.
Scotland is particularly well endowed with pre-history. If you are seeking a specialized tour then post a comment!


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Prehistoric Rock Art of Scotland Tour

Friday, January 18, 2008

Achnabreck, Kilmartin

Isle of Arran

Ben Lawers, Perthshire

All of the above images were taken during autumn/fall 2006 in course of a themed tour. There is endless speculation on interpretation of the designs. Contact Catswhiskerstours for more information-and a pre-history themed tour.


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