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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back again. Just nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to get into Blogger via Firefox but to no avail. Found a way in via Internet Explorer-at last.

Spent a few days down in Newquay, Cornwall which is, arguably, the U.K.'s premier surfing centre. Weather was mild and people were surfing off Fistral Beach. I note that the town has just appointed a Regeneration Manager , an appointment which is definitely required. The town is very tacky with a predominance of surfing orientated shops and cheap "backpacker" type accommodation. Many of the hotels are being knocked down and turned into flats, which is a reflection of changing holiday patterns. You have to wonder how many flats a town like Newquay can absorb. It's fairly remote and the only thing going for it is the weather and beaches. No industry of any note. Took lots of pics.

Back to Scotland. Amazingly, the Ryanair flight back actually left 30 mins early which I find incredible. That suited me because I had a tight connection at Stansted which worked just fine.I like Ryanair because the airline takes a great pride in punctuality-it does what is says on the tin!

Whilst I was away there was an interesting Timewatch programme on BBC2. This covered Hadrian's Wall and was presented by Dr Julian Richards who I actually met last June when he was filming the programme and I was leading a re-enactment march by Roman legionaries. There are some pics if this meeting in my photo gallery. My wife taped the programme for me so I am looking forward to this "televisual feast" within the next day or so. Some of my friends in the U.S. would dearly love to view the programme but U can't think of a way to share it with them.

I see from Wednesday's Times that the U.K. has nominated the Antonine Wall for World Heritage site status. I think this is very appropriate. Unesco will make a decision next year. Fingers crossed!

I see from the Daily Mail that there is something of a kerfuffle over the National Trust's decision to film a recreation of the famous Battle of Culloden at Lammermuir hills, far away from the actual battle site near Inverness.The new film will be shown at the new GBP10M visitor centre at Culloden. Whilst people in the Highlands are disappointed with the decision their counterparts in the Borders are delighted.

Hope to get back into serious blogging over the next few days.


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