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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Have just returned from a short visit to Dunkeld in magnificent Perthshire. Prime reason for the visit was to chair a Flood Committee. Unfortunately, the valley in which the village of Dalguise is situated has been subject to two major flooding events in recent years as a result of which the Council and Network Rail have jointly funded a Flood Study which may ultimately result in a permanent flood defences for the community. Fingers crossed! Meeting was very well attended with the local village hall full to capacity (about 50) comprising both local community and people from nearby Logierait which was also badly affected. Our own property suffered badly and we are in early stages of considering a re-build to limit the flooding risk in future.

The meeting was attended by reps from the Council, Network Rail, SEPA and Halcrow. There was a full and frank Q and A session. It was interesting to learn from the experts that the various dams in the locality actually minimise flooding against the perception in many quarters that release of water from Pitlochry and others was the prime cause of the flooding surge. Also, the experts discounted the build up of gravel in the river as a cause of flooding excess.

Stayed overnight at the Birnam House Hotel, an interesting Victorian era establishment which is poised for a major refurb.

Later went on to visit a badly flooded farm at Logierait where the farmer and wife was in surprisingly good spirits notwithstanding the devastation that had been caused to their residence and business. A local gillie popped in for a chat as a result of which I have agreed to promote his fishing business on my website.

Upon return to base have a mountain of work to fight through, including many incoming tour enquiries. North Americans are still there notwithstanding the historically weak exchange rate.

A teacher from Edinburgh has brought his virtual tours business/product to my attention and sent over a coup,e of sample CDs. Looks interesting. Be interesting to explore how I can exploit this product.

Had first tour enquiry in from a German gentleman (in the German language) which proved a challenge as I don't speak the language. However, enlisted the assistance of a friend in Germany who has kindly helped with the translation work.

Note from today's Independent newspaper that archaeologists have discovered the remains of a huge ancient settlement in Wiltshire used by the builders of Stonehenge-and a party which occurred there about 4,600 years ago.Wow. I would love to go and visit that site.

Will have to close now. Back tomorrow, I hope.


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