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Colors of Spring at Greenbank, Scotland

Sunday, March 21, 2010

After last night's exertions ( Ceilidh) I decided to take a bit of gentle exercise and cycle round to nearby Greenbank House which is a heritage building dating from the 18th century and well known for its elaborate and extensive garden. At time of my last visit, on March 5th, the garden was still blanketed in snow and ice with only the most tenuous hints of Spring. However, today I found the situation transformed. There was not exactly a riot of colour but definite signs of life-as manifested in the images below. Another week or so should see much more color, particularly daffodils and narcissus for which this garden is particularly well known.

The image at the top shows Greenbank House with some visitors having fun throwing a Frisbee around in the afternoon sunshine.

This is a narcissus- 'Miss Muffet'

I am not sure what of the official name for these white bells.

Presume this solitary flower to be a crocus.

Another narcissus-'Spring Dawn'

This was a surprise. A rose poking through intense vegetation of a yew or privet like shrub.

An unusual narcissus- 'Beryl'

More snowdrops.

Quite a pleasant sojourn this afternoon. The garden is very peaceful yet just a few miles from the hurly-burly of Glasgow City. A quiet place for contemplation!


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Signs of Spring in Scotland

Friday, March 05, 2010

This afternoon, I ventured off to Greenbank Garden, Glasgow in a quest for signs of Spring in an endeavour which proved only marginally successful at best. The very hard winter has taken its toll.

Greenbank is an 18th century walled garden, with the walling intended to protect against the frost and snow. However, this year the wall concept seems to have worked in reverse, because in the nearby fields and roads the worst of the snow and ice has gone yet inside the walls there still remains good quantities of snow, ice and a frozen pond!

Here are a few snowdrops sneaking through the snow. Greenbank is renowned for its collection of 350 daffodil varieties but none of these were evident today.

This view gives a feel for the still prevailing wintry conditions. The foreground shows a sheet of ice which is normally a pool in the lower garden with waterlilies and a selection of aquatic and marginal plants. Hopefully, the plants will re-assert themselves when the temperature rises.

This tree caught my eye. It is a Pinus Sylvestris which, with its soft green foliage, is quite attractive.

These light green/yellow flowers are from the a Hamamelis Mollis

The next two images show the only vibrant pieces of colour I could find. The flowers belong to Viburnum Bodnantense

These rose hips caught my eye; they are from Rosa Scharlachglut

In a field close to the garden are few young Highland Cow specimens. Nothing to do with Spring per se but just quintessentially Scottish and the staple of thousands of picture postcards.

An interesting morning. Weather dry with good visibility but temperature not far from freezing.


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Scotland Winter Garden

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today's activities can be partitioned into three sections:

Scotland Tour Arranging

Attended to detail of two tours, one medium size group and one small/private. One further (self-drive) tour to attend to later this evening

Glasgow Weather

We benefited from some relief in that temperatures in Glasgow lifted a little and our frozen pipes started to work again around midday. So far so good, but we are certainly not out of the woods yet.

Photo Activities

Nearby is a heritage property called Greenbank House attached to which is a renowned garden. which I visit from time to time.Today, there was scheduled to be a Winter Flower and Foliage Walk at the garden but, upon arrival, there was a notice cancelling the event due to the adverse weather conditions. However, I still managed to walk around the garden and take some photographs. Nearby there were some Highland Cattle and, in another field, sheep and horses, which also provided some photo opps.

Here are the sheep and horses availing of some hay. No doubt very welcome in the snowy conditions.

Highland Cow munching away on winter feed. These animals are very passive and docile which is just as well because their horns could do some damage.

This is Greenbank House covered in a layer of snow. The building dates from the 18th century and was built from wealth generated from tobacco and slave trading.

The following images and video all relate to the walled garden at Greenbank. have to admit there was little evidence of flowers and foliage so maybe it was just as well the walk was cancelled.

This is "Foam", a female water nymph.

The following two pics cover just a part of the thirty different enclosures at Greenbank.

This water pump is obviously frozen as there is normally a stream of water flowing from the spout.

Here is a video of the garden in winter. Not overly exciting but no doubt there is activity under the blanket of snow. The garden contains 100 varieties of Bergenias and 350 types of daffodil plus phlox and much more. Its fascinating to watch the progress of this garden over its annual cycle. Next scheduled event is Feb 13th- seed sowing and propagating.



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Summer Colours at Greenbank Garden, Scotland

Monday, July 20, 2009

This afternoon, I visited nearby Greenbank Garden, south of Glasgow. This is something of a 'hidden gem' offering a combination of solitude and a variety of colours and plants in a walled garden dating back to the late 18th century. Colour contrast is the theme with hot bright reds and oranges compared with soft blues, creams and whites. Certain of the images capture bees at work.

The last of the still images shows the sculpture 'Foam' by Charles d'Orville Pilkington Jackson which dates from the 1938 Empire Exhibition.



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Tour Greenbank Garden Glasgow Scotland

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This afternoon I joined in a tour of Greenbank Garden led by the resident Head Gardener. Key focus was hints and tips on herbaceous perennials. The tour was well attended. The sunshine and colours combined to provide a very pleasant experience.

The house and garden date from 1771 with the (walled) garden originally designed for fruit and vegetable growing. The soil is heavy clay but over the years has become workable through addition of humus and lime.

There are over 100 species of Bergenias and named cultivars in the garden.

video video


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Signs of Spring at Greenbank Garden Glasgow Scotland

Saturday, March 21, 2009

This morning, I cycled up to Greenbank Garden which is located in Clarkston, some six miles south of Glasgow city centre.The garden is connected with Greenbank House, a heritage property dating from the 18th century. The walled garden was originally designed for fruit and vegetables but in the 1960s was transformed into an ornamental garden by the then owner, W.P. Blyth.

Greenbank now contains about 4000 named cultivars and is a centre for plant trials; it holds the National Collection of bergenias and a large narcissus collection.

The images and video clip below exhibit the emerging colours of Spring.

This garden is something of a hidden gem and somewhere to visit for quiet reflection all the year round.



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Spring Snowdrops at Greenbank Garden Glasgow

Friday, February 20, 2009

This morning, I visited Greenbank Garden in south side of Glasgow. This is a heritage property with a well maintained garden.

Snowdrops were the only patch of colour, but a sure sign that Spring is on its way!

video video


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Greenbank Garden Glasgow in January

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This morning, I paid a visit to Greenbank Garden, part of a heritage property located in Clarkston, Glasgow.

At this time of the year, the garden is 'resting' but in spring summer the 3600 plants will burst into life and provide a colourful display.

video video


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Visit Greenbank House Glasgow Scotland

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This evening, I am posting images of today's visit to nearby Greenbank House and Garden, a heritage property which was decorated with a Christmas theme.

This interesting piece of Georgian architecture was built for Robert Allason, a Glasgow tobacco merchant just after 1763. This is therefore contemporary with the Tobacco Lord's House covered in Blog posting dated Nov 20th 2008.

This top image shows a Green Man, a symbol which dates back possibly to the 2nd century AD

Here is a view of the rear of the house.

Sitting room decorated in the Christmas spirit.

This is a tea urn
This carpet may be of interest to viewers interested in design.It is a replica of a much earlier carpet which illustrates the bright colours used in the 18thC.

Credenza with Christmas pudding.

Restored display alcove
Dining table set for Christmas

Greenbank is well known for its garden and is worth a visit for those with an interest in historic properties.


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