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WED, FEB 7TH 2007

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Learned that U.S.client very happy with itinerary for September tour. Have now to book the accommodation. Will get on to that tomorrow.

Typed up three pages of content for my new Skye page. Hope to get it on the site within a week or so. Skye is a fascinating place with lots of wildlife.I did not realise until today there are lots of otters there, compared with a small population elsewhere on mainland Britain. Typing up content the hard way certainly forces learning of the subject.

As predicted yesterday, there is a lot of noise in the press concerning the proposed new 137 mile line of pylons (towers) across spectacular Scottish countryside. The line is to stretch from Beauly near Inverness to Denny, between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The scheme is costed at GBP320M (about $600m). A public enquiry has opened in Perth and expected to last 11 months. Mmm. My best guess is that the scheme will get the go ahead as the alternative of burying the power lines underground may cost up to 12 times that of the pylons.

Went on a cycle ride again today. Weather cold and crisp but no wind/chill factor. Still trying to fight off my cold.

Another tour enquiry in (June) for a group of German Swiss.

Things are ticking along quite nicely. New tours to India venture is moving forward but nothing firm at this stage.

Lots to do tomorrow so will have another night and, hopefully, finally dispense with this debilitating cold.

Hope to be back with the blog tomorrow.


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