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Viking Europe

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today, I enjoyed an illuminating learning experience at a very well organised one day conference at York University, England culminating with an exclusive viewing at the famous Jorvik Viking era reconstruction.

The conference programme covered:

-The origins and impact of Jorvik (Viking York).
-Viking Dublin, Ireland.
-Viking Orkney, Scotland
-The Trelleborg Viking Fortress at Trelleborg, Denmark.
-The mystery of the skeletons of two females in the Oseberg burial ship, Norway.
-Uncovering Jorvik, Viking era city.

In the evening, delegates enjoyed exclusive access to the famous Jorvik experience which entails a ride on gondolas through a reconstructed Viking era York. This attraction is very well presented with staff very much on top of their subject. Glad I was able to bypass the extensive queues for this attraction.

The image below is of a couple of reenactment Vikings who are genuine to the extent they actually come from Scandinavia.

Overall, an excellent day which has served to greatly improve my knowledge and understanding of this specialist topic.
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