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Tuesday, February 27th 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Still recovering from flu, but managed to put in almost a full day's work today so must be improving.

Its encouraging to see tour enquiries coming in. Just firming up a couple of 10 day tours, one for Wales which should be interesting.

Have an American couple who are interested in visiting neolithic sites during October.This sort of tour is close to my heart and will try and make it happen.

Nothing much else happening today. Hope to progressively revert to normal life as my health improves.

According to the TV news this evening, we are experiencing the warmest winter in about 350 years.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

No Blog yesterday. Was down in London meeting up with Indian tourism officials. Went very well. I am all fired up for launching my Tours to India project. Start with a basic website and then build it up during the course of the year with aim of full launch autumn/winter.

Today I was inundated with tour enquiries-which is very satisfying. Even have some prospective tours to Wales, which makes a change.

No other major news at present. Just keeping my head down with work and tour enquiries. Also, thinking about replacing my vehicle which is nearly up to its 3 years.

That's it for today. Have to have an early start tomorrow to cope with volume of work.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Made some progress tidying up loose ends on a couple of tours; one self-drive and one escorted. Made first hotel accommodation on Bute relative to the Clan Currie reunion due in August.

Bit of a kerfuffle midday when my insurance (car) company wrote to advise they had not received a package of docs from me relative to application for new cover. This was notwithstanding I had sent the docs by guaranteed next day delivery and the Royal Mail confirmed delivery some 5 days ago. They eventually located the docs in another department and all is well now.Mmmm.

Not happy with my Google ranking for tours of Hadrian's Wall, way down at foot of page 4. However, 3 pages of new material going in shortly which should improve things. On the plus side I do rank on page 1 for tours of Roman Britain, which is topic close to my heart. One of my contacts on the Wall has promised to send me an aerial footage DVD which should be interesting.

My web manager confirmed actions with regard to a whole host of new content. Also sent down some technical info on web sites.

Today's press carries a report that Edinburgh may forfeit its UNESCO World Heritage Site status due to a new buildings planned for the centre of the city. Frankly, I did not realise it had WHS status. Its an interesting city but gets overcrowded in the summer, especially when the Fringe and Tattoo coincide.

Also see reports that the residents of the Outer Hebrides have targeted the rabbit population for extermination i order to protect the rare machair habitat. Animal rights people are not enamoured with the prospect of the slaughter.

Off to mend my bicycle punctures now.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A good day today.

Weather exceptionally sunny for time of year with good visibility so went down to Glasgow with my camera. Went up the Glasgow Science Centre Tower which is the tallest building in Scotland at 127m/416ft. Stunning views, even as far as Ben Lomond in the distance.Took lots of pics of the river, dry docks, bridges, etc. Will definitely take clients there in the future-assuming they don't suffer from vertigo! The Waverley was in dock. Cycled down as this is the best way to get around that congested part of town. Took about 40 pics in total which should find their way to the website soon.

Had an enquiry for traditional Scottish music.First time ever. Website beginning to kick in. A group of 12 staying near Stirling who want to attend to attend a performance in June. Contacted Birnam House Hotel who have quite a few "gigs" provisionally scheduled for that time of the year so was able to respond in the affirmative. Hope this happens.

This afternoon tidied up an itinerary for a September tour for a small group from the U.S. Looks interesting.

Heard on the radio this morning of plans by the electricity utility to set up a chain of giant pylons (towers) to transmit electricity generated by renewables (wind farms) across the spine of the Highlands. Not surprisingly, the protests have started already partly because of impact on scenery and tourism. No doubt there will be a story in tomorrow's press. Some people don't want nuclear power yet when the the alternative of renewables is promoted they don't want the pylons either. Maybe we should go back to oil lamps and horse drawn buggies!

Chased up my web manager re lots of new website content which is in the system. Lateness attributed to sickness and other work pressures. On the plus side received copyright approval for a very useful article on Skye wildlife. All I have to do now is type it up-and then design the new web page.

Still struggling with a heavy cold. Another early night.

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