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Thursday, March 01, 2007

More tour enquiries in today. An American group wants a chauffeur type service for 4 days to cover a wedding in Glasgow. Looks promising. Also, I have an enquiry in for a one week tour of Scotland during July-again looks good.

Off to the car dealer tomorrow to negotiate a deal for a replacement vehicle. Then will be visiting a hotel which I have selected for a tour group in September.

Just finalised a 9 day Scotland tour schedule for an American family. This was brought forward from last year as had to be cancelled due to illness.

Tour of Wales looking a bit tricky at the moment with one of the party reported ill

In mid Feb there were reports on the press of the death of John MacLeod of MacLeod, the 29th Chief of that Clan. He was the gentleman who planned to sell the Cuillins for GBP10M and use the proceeds to repair Dunvegan Castle on Skye.

My recovery from a horrible bout of flu is continuing.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another 3 punctures on my bike today. Absolutely incredible. Utterly at a loss to understand why this is happening. My wife suggests it might be our cats scratching the tires but I am not so sure.

I see from the press that the Scottish Executive is planning to go ahead with a new Forth Crossing but leaving the contracts to civil servants. This will be a re-run of the Scottish Parliament fiasco and discredit the Scottish Parliament. The construction companies must be rubbing their hands in glee. Maybe I should buy shares in the companies when the contracts are announced. The only loser will be the taxpayer. The only way to progress this type of project whilst maintaining financial discipline is to use PFI.

Making progress with additional website content. Well advanced with new Ancestry Tourism, Isle of Skye, Fishing and Roman Britain pages/content. Also, setting up a new on-line art shop.

Received a positive response from a U.S.gentleman who wants a 5 day tour for family of 7. Doing this in conjunction with associate with a mini-coach. However, nothing firm yet.

Have a lot more digital images of Glasgow following my recent photo expedition. Some are quite good. Will have to get on an and place the best ones in my photo gallery.

Running behind today-because of the punctures averted to above.

Bye for now

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weather is seasonally cold for once although we have not had the snow that has featured in England.

Tour enquiries still coming in, which is nice. My eight day tour seems popular but favoured by those seeking a budget tour which is not the market I am in. Good prospects for an 8 day for a group of German Swiss; this has been under consideration for over a year. Whilst writing this have received an enquiry for a short Robert Burns tour, my first enquiry for this theme.

I see from the press that this is the 250th anniversary of Thomas Telford's birth. Telford was a remarkable Scottish engineer who was responsible for more than 1500 miles of road, including the main route from Scotland to England, Edinburgh's New Town,, the village of Ullapool, 1000 river crossings, 43 churches, harbours and dockyards, the Caledonian Canal, Craigellachie Bridge, Menai Bridge and Pontcysyllite aqueduct. All of these remain functioning today. Obviously, Telford was no slouch and would appear to fit in the same mould as the famous Victorian engineer, Brunel. Maybe there is cope for a Telford themed tour?

That's it for today.

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