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Sunday, March 11th 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just about to go to bed and then suddenly remembered I had omitted my Blog entry-so here I am!

Today, received some fantastic pics of Mull provided by a B&B owner on the island. Have asked their permission to place on my website.Will see what happens.

Made some enquiries today of the status of tours on-referred to other operators. Some are going ahead some are not. I guess about 50pct will be done-fair enough I suppose.

My Google Analytics stats seem to suggest that enquiries are continuing to come in which is good. I even get a detailed geographic breakdown. Unfortunately the graphs do not print out.

Made provisional plans to meet up with my "associate" with a mini-coach next week. Just to touch base before the season starts in earnest. I have referred him two tours so far.

Chased up a enquiry dating from January-a lady who requires a self-drive during Easter.Hopefully, she will respond as I have a few days spare to design an itinerary for her.

Have linked up with a tour operator from Essex who specialises in Classic England.We are both members of Travel Trust. Hope to get a good relationship going. I have already planned to set up a page covering Cotswold's and Shakespeare country (where I originate from).Hope to pass such enquiries on to him in exchange for Scotland referrals.

Received confirmation in yesterday that the author of the text on my new Ancestry Tours page that she is happy with the content. Good.

Should be lots going on with the website shortly. Submitted new content and new Keywords. Also, hope to have contact from an optimisation specialist. In this context I need to get up to speed with AdWords and Base.

That's it for now-off to bed.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not a lot happening today. Waiting for more info on various tours. Have a feeling that the Wales tour during April has died.

Have probs with my Sat Nav. The sound died completely but I think I have found a way of re-activating. Also having probs backing up the memory card to CD. Tried to follow the instructions-but to no avail. Sandy, if you are reading this and have nothing better to do would appreciate a call to sort it out.

I guess the next major project for me is to get up to speed with the on-line art shop which has just been set up.

Hopefully, will tidy up many of the o/s tour enquiries tomorrow.

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Sunday, Feb 18th 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Went on a cycle ride this morning and for the first time in ages did not suffer a puncture. Incredible.

Made contact with a new neighbour, who is a professional, Indian gentleman and who should prove to be a help in regard to my Indian tours venture. He has lots of experience of trips to India and thinks the concept has merit. Will catch up with him again in a few weeks.

Quite a few tour enquiries in today. I have noticed an uptick in Glasgow centric tours which I attribute to my new web page on this topic. Good prospects for a 10 day tour in October for four persons from the U.S.

Have ordered a book on famous 1950s golfer Ben Hogan which features on the cover an image of my relative who caddied for him. Should make an interesting read.

Lots more content poised to go into the website-hopefully it can be done within a week or so. Found a very helpful photographer on Skye who will let me use his images on the basis they are copyrighted and back linked to him. No problem.

That's it for now.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Today, I designed a web page for my new fishing packages product, initially centering on Perthshire. In a cautious sort of way I am excited about this. I was really impressed b y the welcome and enthusiasm by the local people involved in the industry. However, they are all very wary regarding a potentially catastrophic disease, namely Gyrodactllus salaris. This is the piscine equivalent of Foot and Mouth and is prevalent on the Continent (Europe). If the disease manages to migrate over the North Sea that could spell the end of Scottish salmon fishing. I had never heard of this before; quite an eye-opener.

Heard on the news today about a group (of 6?) who managed to get lost in the Highlands. I think there was a death on the hills near Glencoe. I think there is regular stream of about half a dozen deaths each year in the Highlands due to climbing accidents. Even the most skilled and best equipped come to grief.

Over the next day or so will get on to the next web project which is a page dedicated to Skye where I am now building up knowledge and valuable personal contacts.

Sandy of Tour Scotland sent me a nice note saying I am on the right track regarding this Blog, which was encouraging.

Finally made contact with a schoolteacher who has set up a business supplying virtual reality tours on disk. We seem to be on the same wavelength. Agreed in principle to co-operate on a virtual tour of Hadrian's Wall. Again, I am cautiously optimistic as to where this may lead.

News in from a client for whom I am helping with a self-drive tour in the summer. He is from the U.S.where temperatures have been down to minus 26C. Wow! That is cold.

That's it for today. Back tomorrow.

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Sunday, Feb 4th

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Have just finished repairing a couple of bicycle punctures. What a filthy job. At least I am mobile again. One of the bikes requires a full overhaul, including brakes.

Another foster cat was delivered late this evening. Have to admire the dedication of the lady which runs the local cats protection network.

I see from the press that tomorrow evening, Feb 5th there is a programme on BBC2 covering the famous (infamous?) massacre at Glencoe in 1692. May be I should put a summary of this event on my website?

Following a strongly worded note, I have just been taken off a couple of websites which I was unaware were promoting my tours. One of which was a .org and should not have been used for commercial purposes. Hope my site won't be tainted by this experience. Bit of a jungle out there in Web land with everybody second guessing Google.

Have just sent up to my web manage 3 pages of text covering Hadrian's Wall. I would love to do some more tours there this year but no enquiries as yet. Maybe I should be more proactive?

Had a shock this evening when I realised that my car insurance renewal quote had jumped 60pct for no apparent reason. I have made no claims over the past 12 months. Will have to call the company tomorrow and seek clarification. In meantime have been ringing around contacts to find insurers. Q Why don't we independent tour guides link together and try to arrange a special scheme?

This car insurance experience was not entirely negative because one of my insurance contacts gave me some tips regarding our claim for flood damage.

Hope to have a lot more content pumped into the website shortly.

Saw an interesting Time Team programme this evening on an Iron Age settlement on Anglesey. Not quite as interesting as the write had suggested but nevertheless very worthwhile.

That's it for now . Early start tomorrow to get car insurance before the current policy expires.

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