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Isle of Arran Scotland

Friday, October 31, 2008

This evening, I am posting some information on the Isle of Arran which is sometimes described as Scotland in Miniature. I have a articular interest in this p;lace because we have traced my wife's ancestors back Io the 18th century on the island.

Arran is close to Glasgow and easy to get to by CalMac ferry. I have visited the island a number if times, memories of which include:

  • Prehistory: Machrie Moor standing stones. Also ancient stone carvings.
  • Activities such as kayaking, archery, mountain biking and golf.
  • Hill and mountain walking-the Three Beinns and Goatfell.
  • Seal watching.
  • Scotch Whisky-Isle of Arran Distillery.
  • Cycling. I have cycled round the island in a day.
  • Brodick Castle`
  • A wide choice of lodgings to suit all budgets.
  • Heritage Centre

Overall, a great place with much to offer the visitor.


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Scotland's Small Islands Struggle to Survive

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The population of some of Scotland's smallest islands has reached a 'tipping point' which threatens their survival as economic units. Many of the islands boast fascinating history and heritage but isolation and limited amenities take their toll. Here is a list of the islands:

Papa Stour ( Name means Great Priest Isle). Pop 25. Lies west of Shetland mainland.

North Ronaldsay (Name means Ringan's or Ninian's Isle). Pop 57. Lies north of the Orkneys.

Foula (Named after Scandinavian word for bird 'fugla'.) Pop 26. Lies west of Shetlands.

Canna (Name origin unknown). Pop 15. Lies N.W. of Rum.

(Name possibly of Viking origin.) Pop 29. Lies south of Isle of Sky.

Fair Isle (Sheep Isle from Norse word 'faer'.) Pop 70. Lies between Orkney and Shetland.

Muck (Island of Swine.) Pop 34. Very small island which lies south of Rum.

Gigha (God's Isle or Good Isle.) Pop 150 and rising. Lies off the Kintyre peninsula.

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