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Saturday. March 10th 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

See from today's press that the Dalhousie Papers-millions of pages dating back 900 years-have been purchased for GBP1.6M and will be held at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh. This is good news. The papers range from a 12th. century charter of David I of Scotland to a series of letters from Florence Nightingale. Interesting stuff.

Another tour enquiry in, this time from a group of four Germans (seniors) who require a 7 day tour in October. I have responded positively and hope this will go ahead.

Yesterday, I was able to help a group of 7 Americans who wanted some local tours. Could not help myself because I can only take 6 but referred the work to an associate with a mini-coach.

Yesterday, I designed a new web page which I sent up to my web manager. Also, need to embellish some existing pages and optimise the entire site. Judging by the number of enquiries coming in the site is working.

I am also exploring how to make best use of a clutch of .eu domain names which I purchased a while ago. Thinking about setting up a series of basic, one page sites to kick into life.

Plenty of work to keep me going.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just been reading a note from Sandy-some very helpful advice on Blogging and website. I have so much to learn! Will get there eventually.

Received monster golfing book today on legend Ben Hogan. I became interested because I discovered that a relative of mine, Cecil Timms, caddied for Hogan at Carnoustie and there are images of both in the book.

Keeping busy with the tours. Australian lady wants a self-drive and tickets to the Tattoo. Gardens coach tour is also "on" for June, where I will be acting as a courier. Should be an interesting challenge.

Took a lot of pics yesterday of a local hotel which I hope to use for a tour in September. Unfortunately, between myself and my wife we managed to lose the lot! Will probably have to repeat the exercise. Never mind. I really have to upskill on digital photography.

Had a nice note over from the Centurion who lead the Hadrian's Wall march last year. He passed favourable comment on my new content for the Roman Tours page.

That's it for today.

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Saturday, Feb 13th 2007

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Whew! Just managed to get back in to my Blog. Access is fine for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden it cuts off and I can't get in. I have spent so many hours faffing around getting access to this Blog that I have to wonder if all the stress and anxiety is worth it. Anyway, I am back in now so will make hay while the sun shines.

Have been catching up on some family history and discovered that I am related to a famous professional golf caddie named Cecil Timms who was British but migrated to the the 1940s/50s. He was caddying at Carnoustie in the early 50s-I was there last year and had no idea of my family's golfing connections.Have written to a golfing contact in the ascertain if he knows anything about Cecil's family/descendants.

My web manager is making progress with my new on-line art shop, which is good. Also have obtained permission to use a fantastic photo montage of Glasgow for my Glasgow page.

Have just obtained images from my recent photo-shoot of Glasgow. Some are good and I have commenced inputting them to the website photo gallery.

Looking at the news, I see that Western Isles Council has approved construction of one of Europe's largest onshore wind farms-181 turbines on Lewis. On balance I think this is a positive development.

There are many reports in today's press and radio of the excavations at the Roman amphitheatre in Chester where there were gladiatorial and other activities modelled on those at the Colosseum in Rome. Would like to go to Chester and see the remains.

A contact in the U.S. has just shared with me a virtual tour of a Roman Villa in Germany. A nice gesture

Latest edition of Scotland Magazine (no 31) includes some useful articles on Argyll & Bute (timely relative to the Clan Currie reunion) and Genealogy.

Another two punctures on my bike-don't know whether to laugh or cry.May be I should buy a new bike?

That's it for now. Hope I can get back in to the Blog tomorrow.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Made some progress today. Followed up on the fishing contacts made yesterday, in particular one of the hotels. Have to get on tomorrow and design a web page. Have checked out the popular search terms on the web with no surprises.

Received a disk of images of the work of a Skye artist which I am planning to promote on my on-line art shop. They Look good. Will have to on-forward to my web manager.

Made a final booking for a tour itinerary in September in Fort William. I pass many times through Ft William but have never stayed there yet.Has to be a first time.

Made arrangements to call a new contact who has an embryonic business making virtual tour CDs. An interesting market. Have no idea where this will go but the concept seems to have potential.

Today's Scotsman newspaper has a feature listing 101 must do things in Scotland. Divided into various sub-sections, e.g.pubs, sport, wildlife, islands, etc. Learned a few things I did not know before, such as :

  • the Horseshoe Bar-a Glasgow institution with the longest bar in the U.K.
  • the Globe Inn, Dumfries which was Robert Burns favourite watering hole.

Had an enquiry in yesterday for a budget tour during June. May have found something suitable which I have shared with the client, albeit starts from Edinburgh rather than Glasgow.

Went on a cycle ride today in a mix of rain and snow. Nevertheless, I needed the exercise notwithstanding still recovering from a cold. I think I am on the mend. Lots of work to catch up with tomorrow.

Pleasantly surprised to see that I still rank on page of Google (no.3) for tours of Perthshire. Not bad! I would really like to get up the rankings for Hadrian's Wall, which is very close to my heart. See what happens when the new three pages of content is input soon.

That's it I guess for today.

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