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Visit Newark Castle, Scotland

Monday, January 18, 2010

This evening, the theme of my posting is Newark Castle which I will address in greater detail later. Firstly, here is an update on today:

Glasgow Weather: Temperature in high single digits (centigrade) with no rain and a blue sky. Good conditions for cycling and photographs. However, temperature has dropped to freezing this evening.

Today's Outing in Glasgow: Through the unusual medium of a Google Alert, I connected with a local Glasgow Tour Guide who I met for coffee and provisionally arranged for her to assist a client I have who is seeking a Charles Rennie Mackintosh themed walking tour of Glasgow. Coinciding with this meeting, I paid a visit to Glasgow's Necropolis where I learned more about the local Heritage Trail and undertook some ancestry research. Encountered one Victorian family memorial which lists the deaths of six children of which five died under the age of eight years. A sad reflection on the high rate of infant mortality at the time, even the wealthy were not immune to the very poor public health conditions prevailing in Glasgow at the time.

Cycling in Glasgow: Whenever possible I cycle on my various trips. This activity highlights the deteriorating state of the roads in Glasgow, particularly the rising incidence of deep potholes, no doubt aggravated by the extreme cold weather of late. Road surface conditions in Glasgow are increasingly dangerous for cyclists-and probably serve to damage quite a few car suspensions as well!

Scotland Tour Arranging: Quite a lot of activity, viz:
  • Arranging hotels for a group tour of Scotland later this year.
  • Re-arranging a private Scotland tour to accommodate an extra guest
  • Helping client with a Glasgow Mackintosh Tour (as adverted to above).
  • Corresponding with a Japanese client re a Whisky Tour.
  • Liaising with a group of veteran car drivers who wish to tour Scotland this summer.
Newark Castle, Port Glasgow: This is an imposing 600 year old castle located on the banks of the Clyde at Port Glasgow and arranged around three sides of a courtyard. The castle was originally built for one George Maxwell around 1484. The Maxwells were a powerful local family related to royalty and it known that King James IV visited on various occasions.

Newark started as a Tower House, was redesigned in renaissance style in 1597 and fell into disrepair in the 18th and 19th centuries. To save the building from demolition it was taken into State (Government) care in 1909 and is now managed by Historic Scotland.

Well worth a visit if in the area. Good views of the Clyde.



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