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Monday Jan 15th

Monday, January 15, 2007

Last night saw the Time Team excavation on Isle of Man. Absolutely gripping with focus on early Christian keeills (chapels) and ancient Ogham writing. I am definitely a frustrated archaeologist.

Today's press carries a report that Scotland is going to market itself with a "health tourism" theme. Emphasis on stress relief as opposed to the usual tartan and kilts rubbish. Good idea. Its so wet and windy here at the moment that you need to be healthy just to survive!!

There also press reports that the independence minded Scottish National Party is surging ahead in the polls. I am not sure if that means Scots have really thought through the independence option or is it that the SNP is the only outlet for frustration with the governing Labour Party? Funny old world.

The 37 strong community on the remote island Egilsay have asked fort help to rid themselves
of a plague of rats. They want a hit squad along the lines of the successful initiative to rid Canna of a similar plague in 2006. No doubt the Pied Piper of Hamelin will be sending in his CV!

The climate definitely seems to be changing. Nearly every major river in Scotland has a flood alert. As I know from personal experience, flooding can be a devastating and costly experience. I learned today that in the December bout of flooding, the Tay flooded properties it had not touched in decades. Interesting times. I have a love-hate relationship with this magnificent water way.

Received another tour enquiry in from some prospective visitors from Canada. Unfortunately I am already committed so passed the enquiry to an associate.

That's it for now. Running late tonight because of a neighbourhood Watch meeting.


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