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Friday, January 12, 2007

Last night went to see the new Beatrix Potter film. It was OK, very profound with emphasis on Victorian and Edwardian social rules. The big failing from my perspective was complete absence of any reference to Beatrix's holidays in Perthshire, particularly Birnam and Dunkeld which a grounding for her fascination with nature, particularly fungi. Nevertheless a good film, worth a watch.

Today, is very wet and windy and I have concerns for flooding in Perthshire where we have a cottage on a flood plain. Fingers crossed!!

Today's press carries a report on The Sculptor's Cave, a 3000 year-old temple dedicated to young children near Lossiemouth. Thus may be similar to the High Pasture Cave on Skye?

Lots of work on the agenda today, fine tuning tours for the current year.

Have noticed that shop in Dunkeld is holding a closing down sale of half price stock comprising Scottish themed CDs, Jewelery and other products. May be I should buy the stock and market it on my own site?

Had a request from a hotel group in Prestwick for reciprocal web links and supply of brochures. This is encouraging and proving my website is getting known.

That's all for now. Hope to be back later in the day.


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