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Monday, February 12, 2007

Uptick in tour enquiries today; one group of 5 enquiring about a 10 day tour and another, family group, seeking a one day tour. Nice to see the enquiries coming in.

Sent off my new page for fishing packages to my web manager today. Hope we can get this in place soon.

Just about finalised a tour for an American couple for September. They are delighted with what I have arranged so far.

Tomorrow I expect to finalise a self-drive for an American couple during August.

Other things on the agenda include reviewing change of car.

Hope to make some progress with my new Skye page tomorrow.Have already sourced the key words.

Not many back links today!

Cold is progressively getting better. Went out for a cycle ride this morning and experienced yet another puncture. Can't understand how they arise at such frequency.


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