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MON FEB 5TH 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

A good day today. Managed to sort out car insurance renewal at a price somewhere near where it should be. I find the industry very fragmented and inefficient. There is cover for tour guides out there but finding it is the tricky bit. Google is useless mainly because the insurers and brokers don't properly advertise their products on the web.I managed to find an insurer in Edinburgh via a personal contact who was formerly in the industry. I have written to my new insurer suggesting they should be more proactive in this niche as there must be a few thousand tour guides in Britain requiring Hire and Reward insurance.

Have also booked my trip to Perthshire to link up with a ghillie to see the beats and from there hopefully make a start in marketing fishing packages. Looking forward to it.

Had an enjoyable cycle ride today. Weather cold but little wind and very sunny. Very enjoyable for mid winter.

Pleased to see that one of the C.R.Mackintosh sites in Glasgow has reciprocated my web link. I have quite a few o/s links to chase up.

Had a look at Hadrian's Wall on Google today. I am there but way down the rankings. What to do? I am very passionate about Roman Britain and the Wall in particular.On the plus side I am on page 1 for Roman Britain and the Antonine Wall. Should have some more Hadrian's Wall content going in shortly.

Reviewed my Yellow Pages advertising. Tidied up the key words and availed of the free text facility. I have neglected this advertising medium and will have to keep a closer eye on it in future.

My cold is going through its motions. Will have an early night and see if that makes a difference.

Tonight there is the TV programme covering the Glencoe Massacre. Will probably tape it and review it later.

That's about it for now.


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