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Hamilton Old Parish Church, Scotland

Friday, January 15, 2010

Today, my theme is a fantastic architectural find I recently made at Hamilton. Before addressing that here is a news summary for today.

Scotland Tour Enquiries: Rolling in-whisky tours, self-drive and prehistory. Its nice to be busy! Also deposits now paid on two tours for 2010 so I have been working away on the formalities.

Scotland Fishing News: Announced via the media that the River Tay has suffered a major salmon population reverse as a consequence of which the authorities are asking anglers to throw back catches to conserve stocks. Cause of the problem seems to be shortfall in fish migrating into the river from the sea.

Glasgow Weather: Dull and overcast but with temperature creeping up to about 6-8 centigrade. Thaw in process.

Glasgow Ancestry Blog: Posted information on one Peter Lawrence,a highly regarded 19th century sculptor who has a grand memorial in Glasgow's Necropolis.

Hamilton Old Parish Church: Hamilton is an old town which may date back to the 1320s. The name could be a corruption of Homildon in Northumberland, England from whence came the 14th century landowner, Walter Fitzgilbert. This building should be of great interest to fans of Scottish architecture, viz:

  • A Georgian era building designed by William Adam in 1734.
  • Roof timbers appear to have come from old Man of War sailing ship as they contain lead shot. Contains embroidery by Hannah Frew Paterson, glass windows by Anita Pate and a stained glass memorial window by John Stevenson.
This building is a chance 'new find' by me and at some time I will visit the interior as the building is open to the public. The burial ground contains old memorial stones erected by the Duke of Hamilton, seemingly for his servants.


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