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Sunday, Feb 4th

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Have just finished repairing a couple of bicycle punctures. What a filthy job. At least I am mobile again. One of the bikes requires a full overhaul, including brakes.

Another foster cat was delivered late this evening. Have to admire the dedication of the lady which runs the local cats protection network.

I see from the press that tomorrow evening, Feb 5th there is a programme on BBC2 covering the famous (infamous?) massacre at Glencoe in 1692. May be I should put a summary of this event on my website?

Following a strongly worded note, I have just been taken off a couple of websites which I was unaware were promoting my tours. One of which was a .org and should not have been used for commercial purposes. Hope my site won't be tainted by this experience. Bit of a jungle out there in Web land with everybody second guessing Google.

Have just sent up to my web manage 3 pages of text covering Hadrian's Wall. I would love to do some more tours there this year but no enquiries as yet. Maybe I should be more proactive?

Had a shock this evening when I realised that my car insurance renewal quote had jumped 60pct for no apparent reason. I have made no claims over the past 12 months. Will have to call the company tomorrow and seek clarification. In meantime have been ringing around contacts to find insurers. Q Why don't we independent tour guides link together and try to arrange a special scheme?

This car insurance experience was not entirely negative because one of my insurance contacts gave me some tips regarding our claim for flood damage.

Hope to have a lot more content pumped into the website shortly.

Saw an interesting Time Team programme this evening on an Iron Age settlement on Anglesey. Not quite as interesting as the write had suggested but nevertheless very worthwhile.

That's it for now . Early start tomorrow to get car insurance before the current policy expires.

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