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Sunday, Feb 18th 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Went on a cycle ride this morning and for the first time in ages did not suffer a puncture. Incredible.

Made contact with a new neighbour, who is a professional, Indian gentleman and who should prove to be a help in regard to my Indian tours venture. He has lots of experience of trips to India and thinks the concept has merit. Will catch up with him again in a few weeks.

Quite a few tour enquiries in today. I have noticed an uptick in Glasgow centric tours which I attribute to my new web page on this topic. Good prospects for a 10 day tour in October for four persons from the U.S.

Have ordered a book on famous 1950s golfer Ben Hogan which features on the cover an image of my relative who caddied for him. Should make an interesting read.

Lots more content poised to go into the website-hopefully it can be done within a week or so. Found a very helpful photographer on Skye who will let me use his images on the basis they are copyrighted and back linked to him. No problem.

That's it for now.

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