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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A good day today.

Weather exceptionally sunny for time of year with good visibility so went down to Glasgow with my camera. Went up the Glasgow Science Centre Tower which is the tallest building in Scotland at 127m/416ft. Stunning views, even as far as Ben Lomond in the distance.Took lots of pics of the river, dry docks, bridges, etc. Will definitely take clients there in the future-assuming they don't suffer from vertigo! The Waverley was in dock. Cycled down as this is the best way to get around that congested part of town. Took about 40 pics in total which should find their way to the website soon.

Had an enquiry for traditional Scottish music.First time ever. Website beginning to kick in. A group of 12 staying near Stirling who want to attend to attend a performance in June. Contacted Birnam House Hotel who have quite a few "gigs" provisionally scheduled for that time of the year so was able to respond in the affirmative. Hope this happens.

This afternoon tidied up an itinerary for a September tour for a small group from the U.S. Looks interesting.

Heard on the radio this morning of plans by the electricity utility to set up a chain of giant pylons (towers) to transmit electricity generated by renewables (wind farms) across the spine of the Highlands. Not surprisingly, the protests have started already partly because of impact on scenery and tourism. No doubt there will be a story in tomorrow's press. Some people don't want nuclear power yet when the the alternative of renewables is promoted they don't want the pylons either. Maybe we should go back to oil lamps and horse drawn buggies!

Chased up my web manager re lots of new website content which is in the system. Lateness attributed to sickness and other work pressures. On the plus side received copyright approval for a very useful article on Skye wildlife. All I have to do now is type it up-and then design the new web page.

Still struggling with a heavy cold. Another early night.

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