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Friday, February 02, 2007

Took some exercise today. Went on a cycle ride but had a puncture about a mile from home. Could be worse. Both bikes now have punctures. I have had repeated punctures over the past few weeks, very strange.

Did my bit for the community. Introduced the Council to an eco friendly product for preventing graffiti. It seems to work well. Should help to break the vicious circle of yobs applying the graffiti then the Council removing it then the yobs return. Its amazing that the company which manufactures the product does not market it more aggressively.

Had an unusual tour enquiry in-for a wedding for a Canadian couple.. Came via third party contact. Expressed interest but will wait and see what happens.

More coverage in the media of global warming. I think there is scope for a new build eco hotel in Perthshire possibly powered by a micro hydro scheme with all the other bells and whistles.

For some reason today's Daily Mail carries a full page report on the famous 1692 massacre at Glencoe, which still resonates in the community today. In similar vein, the times reports on the Royal Martyr Church Union which is supportive of the Royal Stuart line of succession and held a service at St.Mary's Episcopal Cathedral in Edinburgh to mourn the execution of Charles I.

There is another press report on the initiative to reintroduce wolves to re balance nature. Britain's three main carnivores-the wolf, lynx and bear have long gone resulting in distortions including the over population of deer. Wolves are a very contentious issue with the populace with images of the animals running off with babies and similar horrors.

Received today a sample disk of an virtual reality tour of historic locations. This is a venture by an Edinburgh teacher and although aimed at the education market may have applications for the tourism industry. Needs to be made more user friendly but could prove a very useful product/tool. Will have to meet up with the proprietor and assess potential.

Masses of office work to catch up on. Have just realised I am about 1 month late with a tax return. Hopefully, not a hanging offence.

Getting a little tired with a mild headache. Will have an early night and get back up to speed tomorrow. Another day another Dollar!


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