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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

St. Valentines Day. Fortunately, I remembered to give my wife some flowers and she sent me an electronic card. So, we are good terms!

Went on a cycle ride this morning. Weather great and I did not need gloves-incredible for February in Glasgow. Mended 3 punctures last night. Hope to have puncture respite for a few days at least.

Decided not to proceed with the 50 page dissertation on Ancestry Tourism on my website. Just too worried about the copyright issue. Instead will set up a dedicated web page to the topic.

Couple of tour enquiries in today; one from Australia and the other from France. Both very different. Responded positively to both, so will see what happens.

My web manager is working is working on a lot of new additions to my site including an on-line shop for art. Looking forward to this.

On the TV news tonight there was mention that the authorities have decided to go ahead with a new Forth Bridge at estimated cost of GBP1.0BN ($2.0bn). The cynic in me wonders what the overrun will be, I guess about 50pct.

Having some discussion with a local photographer who has an inventory of photographs of Old Glasgow. Would like to display these on my site. Will see what happens.

See from the press that Clan Chief, John MacLeod of MacLeod has died at age 71.He tried to sell the Black Cuillin mountains for GBP10.0M. This reminds me that I will have to get on with my new Skye page.

Had some good news re new tours to India venture.

That's it for now.

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