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Clan Currie Tour

Sunday, August 19, 2007

View of Rothesay from Canada Hill

View of Rothesay Castle

The 60th anniversary/Diamond Jubilee Games proved to be the "Aqua Games" as heavy rain fell continuously throughout the day. The event also featured the 2007 reunion of Clan Currie Society, which adopted the Bute Highland Games as their "home" games in Scotland four years ago in recognition of Bute's strong Currie connections and the spirit of hospitality they received there, and which became a life patron of the Games in 2004.
Clan Commander and others in the Clan Currie tent.

Here is an image of the Waverley departing Rothesay at end of the day. Image is affected by the heavy downpour.

Another image of the Waverley

Tossing the caber.

The caber is a pole about 18 feet long weighing about 115 pounds. The athlete holds the caber upright, grasping it by its thin end, and throws it so that it lands on its heavy end and flips over. The throw is not judged on distance, but direction. If the thrower is imagined to stand at the center of a clock with 6 at his back, the thin end ideally falls at a 12 o'clock position.

Another image of caber tossing.
Heavy event in process

Hammer throwing competition

Pipe Band competition

Hammer throwing
Athletics race
Athletics race
Pipe Band competition. Note absence of waterproofs in heavy rain!!
Pipe Band competition

Pipe Band competition

Pipe Band


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