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Spring Daffodils, Scotland

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This evening, I am focusing on a horticultural theme as manifested in Spring Narcissus blooms. Earlier today I cycled up to nearby Greenbank Garden which is renowned for its collection of 350 named daffodils. During my short visit I was able to locate 21 different species a selection of which are provided below.

This is Narcissus Soestdijk

This is Narcissus Smiling Maestro

This is Narcissus Miss Muffet

This is Narcissus Lemon Silk

Elsewhere today, I have arranged private tours for a visitor in Inverness and Edinburgh, exchanged correspondence re a prospective Whisky Tour and received an enquiry for a tour in 2011. Sadly, a private tour of the Scottish Highlands which was in early stage discussion was cancelled when the clients changed their mind. As with most years, I find June extremely busy but May less so.

Posted information to my GlasgowAncestry blog on Stewart family history.

Weather here in Glasgow was dry and sunny if a little cool.


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