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Spring Blooms in Scotland

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This evening, I am continuing my theme of Springtime which I think is apposite-its a sunny day with lots of emerging colours.

Images follow on from yesterday with examples of the wide range of daffodils found at Greenbank Garden near Glasgow.

This is Narcissus Pentwan

Narcissus Copperfield

Narcissus Golden Anniversary

Narcissus Cardiff
If anyone out there is seeking a dedicated Gardens Tour of Scotland or England then let me know!

Main news of the day here is the (invisible) volcanic ash cloud which is covering the U.K. and most of Europe at a height of about 30,000 feet. This has resulted in an unprecedented shut down of British airspace together with wide ranging airport closures around northern Europe. The culprit is an active volcano in Iceland which on its own has achieved what many 'green' eco protesters have long sought in the form of a shut down of air transport with resultant reduction in carbon footprint. It will be interesting to see how long the eruption continues and how such will affect the aviation industry. Another headache for airline management!

Elsewhere today, I have been working on a new tour enquiry and posted information on McIlraith family history to my GlasgowAncestry blog. If it were not for a guest's family bereavement I would be out touring in this pleasant weather.


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