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Flowers of Scotland

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This evening, I am embellishing my flowers theme by including cactus flowers from nearby Queen's Park Botanic Garden, Glasgow. These first two images were taken this afternoon and provide an interesting colour dimension to Spring.

The following two images are from a vast collection of daffodils at Greenbank Garden, a National Trust property south of Glasgow.

This is Narcissus Ellen
Narcissus Southern Bell

Elsewhere today:

  • Met up with my techie friend to discuss various aspects of the website and blogs going forward. Quite a few interesting ideas to implement over the coming months.
  • Responded to a wide range of tour enquiries from around the world for both this year and next.
  • Designed an itinerary for a private Scottish Highlands tour for later next month.
  • Posted information to my GlasgowAncestry blog on Hopper family history.
Looking at the bigger picture, main news item is the continuing effect of the volcanic dust cloud on air travel (and tourism). It appears that prospects for the U.K. are not likely to improve much until the weekend. In the meantime the airlines are bleeding cash. Fortunately, May tends to be a relatively quiet month and hence I have no cancellations as of today.


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