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Tour York Minster, England

Friday, February 19, 2010

This evening, I am posting images of York Minster, a famous Cathedral located in Northern England.

Christianity in York dates back to Roman times but can be traced for certain from AD 625 under Bishop Paulinus. The current building dates from 1080-1110 under the Norman archbishop Thomas of Bayeux. This building was subsequently modified, extended and embellished on numerous occasions, viz:

  • 1220- present building begun.
  • 1253-north transept completed.
  • 1291 - work on nave begun.
  • rebuilding of quire and east end over period of 250 years.
  • 1407 - central tower partially collapsed
  • 1829 and 1840 saw two serious fires.
  • 1967 witnessed start of 5 yr rescue operation to stabilise the building.
  • 1984 witnessed another fire which destroyed roof of the south transept.
This is a truly magnificent building which is also a popular visitor attraction receiving a million visitors each year. It is also possible to climb up the tower for a helicopter view of the Minster and York .

Astronomical Clock dedicated 1955

Famous Rose window restored after the 1984 fire.

Vaulting over the nave

Processional Cross, 1912

Clerestory Windows

Chapel of St. John
South Quire Aisle

Flying buttresses on exterior
View from the Tower


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