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Images of Eaglesham Moor, Scotland

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This morning I was motivated by crisp, clear visibility with good sunlight to venture out to the highly elevated Eaglesham Moor, south of Glasgow, with aim of obtaining images of the City of Glasgow bathed in the sunlight. However, this did work out quite as I had hoped, principally due to the low elevation of the sun at this time of year. However, my trip was not entirely in vain as I did manage to secure some reasonable images of other vistas.

Firstly, I should mention that Eaglesham Moor has two main claims to fame,viz:

  1. It is where the Nazi leader, Rudolph Hess crash landed on May 10th 1941 in context of a hair brained scheme to end World War 2.
  2. It is the site of Europe's largest wind farm.
The top of the moor is usually wet and boggy but was frozen firm today which aided my mobility.

Here is an aspect of the wind farm showing the frozen ground surface.

Here is a view of Glasgow.

Another, view of the wind farm.

Frozen hillocks with wind turbines in background.

This shows the wind farm BUT the shadow in the foreground is deceptive. It is actually Dunwan Hill, an ancient site, originally thought to be Iron Age but more likely a high status homestead of the first millennium AD. I have climbed this hill in the past, when the terrain was very wet underfoot.

Another view of Glasgow reflecting the sunlight.

Finally, the image at top of this post was an accidental shot of some clouds-which turned out quite nice.


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