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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You scratch my neck and I'll scratch yours!

Here's looking at you, kid.
This afternoon, heavy and persistent snow curtailed my activities. I hear that many roads around Scotland are blocked or restricted. We are certainly having a tough time this winter! Certainly glad I am not out touring in this weather.

Notwithstanding the snow storm, I decided to get out on my bike and photograph specimens of a very photogenic herd of Highland Cattle. These animals are docile and allow photographers to get close without so much as batting an eyelid. It could be this particular herd is very used to humans gawping at them.

Although not immediately evident, the above pics were in fact during a snowstorm and it will be noticed that the animals' coats are damp. However, Highland Cattle are extremely hardy and will thrive in harsher conditions than today. In fact, they are an ancient and hardy breed which emanate from the Scottish Highlands and Islands; they are hardy grazers and live out in all weathers. Apart from Britain/Scotland this breed is popular in Australia and North America. I do understand they are not particularly efficient as beef animals due to their relatively slow rate of growth vis-a-vis more modern beef breeds.

In the course of my private, Scotland tours I usually come across a herd or specimen somewhere. Small herds are usually kept near grand houses or castles to attract visitors.

Here is a video clip of a herd closer to their natural habitat in Glen Nevis, near Fort William in the Highlands. Great little beasts!


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