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Dunvegan Castle, Skye, Scotland

Monday, February 08, 2010

This evening, my blog theme is historic Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye (above). Will go into details later but in meantime will address today's developments:

You Tube: Had an unusual comment posted to my video clip of Raby Castle in England. This seemingly emanates from a self-confessed poacher who bagged some of the deer in the castle grounds.

Ancestry Research: Posted to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog information on the Hill family, one member of which is actually buried in Ashkum, U.S.A. (1858).

Glasgow Weather: Dry but getting colder.

Tour Arranging: Close to finalising a few days of private tours from Edinburgh for a visiting group in June. New enquiry in for group tour of the Highlands later in the Fall/Autumn.

Dunvegan Castle: My theme tonight focuses on a press report of major restoration work planned for Dunvegan Castle which is Scotland's oldest continuously occupied property dating back 700 years and home to the Chief of Clan MacLeod.

It appears that Dunvegan Castle suffered a fire in 1938 the repair of which was 'sub optimal' and now requires further attention costing GBP1.1M. This cost is to be funded GBP598k from Scottish Government Agency, Historic Scotland , GBP100K from an organisation called Highland Opportunity with the balance coming from the MacLeod Estate.

First phase of the building work should be completed by End 2010 but the entire project could take 25 years to final completion.

In 1739 MacLeod of Dunvegan hit on a novel fund raising concept by selling a significant number of his people to South Carolina as indentured servants. More recently (2003), the Clan Chief wanted to sell the Black Cuillin mountain range (on Skye) in order to cover the cost of repairs to the castle but the sale appears not to have been concluded. I have to award the Chiefs of Clan McLeod 10/10 for innovative financing ideas worthy of a hot shot hedge fund manager!


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