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Burns Cottage, Alloway, Scotland

Thursday, February 04, 2010

This evening, my Blog theme is the cottage where the famous poet, Robert Burns was born on Jan 25th 1759. Before moving to that I will first cover off the day's developments:

Scotland Ancestry: Posted information to my GlasgowAncestry blog on Pinkerton family history as sourced from a memorial at Paisley Abbey.

Glasgow Weather: Slightly warmer than yesterday which resulted in a progressive melt of the thin layer of snow. Damp but with little rain.

Tours: Spent most of the day working on the minutiae of a couple of tours: one self-drive and the other a private tour to be provided by me during April.

Burns Cottage: Now to my theme for the evening. The cottage shown above and below dates from 1757 when it was built by one William Burnes as his first family home. Here their first child and eldest son, Robert was born on Jan 25th 1759. Robert subsequently reached status as Scotland's national poet with over 600 poems and songs written and gathered by him during a relatively short lifetime.

Because of Burns' fame his birthplace became a tourist attraction from an early date. It is a traditional 'but and ben' design with accommodation for family, livestock plus storage space. The cottage has been restored to the condition pertaining during the period of Burns early life. This video clip provides a view of the interior.


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