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Brig o' Doon, Scotland

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This evening, my theme is the famous Brig o' Doon (Bridge over the River Doon) at Alloway, Ayrshire which has close connections with Scotland's national poet Robert Burns and on which more is provided below.

First a Catswhiskers new summary:

Glasgow Weather: Bitterly cold with temperature below freezing for the last 24 hours. This evening, we have a light layer of snow.

Ancestry Research: Have just posted to my separate GlasgowAncestry blog information on McKechnie family history obtained from information at historic Paisley Abbey.

Tours of Scotland: Worked on two new tours: An American family requiring a day tour from Edinburgh and large group from Sweden requiring a whisky themed tour.

Brig o' Doon: My theme this evening is the famous bridge over the River Doon which dates from the Middle Ages and become a famous landmark consequent on Robert Burns using the bridge as the setting for the climax of the poem Tam o' Shanter which is the story of a farmer from nearby Maybole who gets into trouble due to fondness for women and drink. At the end of the story Tam is chased by a group of witches and warlocks and makes a narrow escape on horseback via a heroic leap for the keystone of the bridge in course of which a witch grabs the horses tail which is ripped off leaving the stump as a salutary reminder of the dangers of drink and women.

"For Nannie, far before the rest
Hard upon noble Maggie prest,
And flew at Tam wi' furious ettle;
But little wist she Maggie's mettle!
Ae spring brought off her master hale,
But left behind her ain grey tail;
The carlin claught her by the rump,
And left poor Maggie scarce a stump."

This video clip shows the bridge and its surroundings including the nearby Burns Monument.


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