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Anglo-Saxon Carvings, England

Monday, February 22, 2010

This evening, my focus is on an Anglo-Saxon era ( AD410-1066) carving which is located above the altar at the Church of the Holy Redeemer, York. See image below. During this period Christianity became firmly established in England. These sort of carvings would have had a combined propaganda and teaching role at a time when most of the population would have been illiterate.

This 1960s era church was built using materials and carvings transported from the demolished St. Mary the Elder Church at Bishophill which results (see this video clip) is an unusual but effective juxtaposition of 1960s and 12th century interior design which seems to work well.

Elsewhere today, I have been busy arranging various tours of Scotland. I also paid a visit to a nearby cemetery and found a memorial stone recording the deaths of 3 children in a major railway accident dating from 1913, at Ais Gill in Yorkshire, which resulted in a total of 14 fatalities.

The weather here in Glasgow has remained clear and dry but very cold, probably around freezing for most of the day. More cold weather forecast!


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