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Paisley, Scotland in Winter

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Another bitterly cold day in Scotland. Temperatures in the Highlands were as low as minus 17 centigrade. This extreme cold is, perhaps, a once in 20 year event.

The sub zero temperature was offset by sunshine and clear blue skies so I resolved to cycle over to Paisley to obtain some images. Paisley has a long history but is often overlooked by tourists and visitors which is a pity because there is much to see and experience here. The bitter cold added an extra dimension as people were moving at a slower pace. Pedestrians were forced onto the roads because the pavements (sidewalks) were covered in compacted ice and extremely unsafe. We are really not prepared for this sort of weather.

Paisley is best know for (a) its 12th century Abbey and (b) former textile industry which powered the town's prosperity in the 19th and early 20th centuries and gave rise to the Paisley pattern.

This image shows a square in the centre of town. The image is deceptive because it fails to reveal that the entire surface is covered in pack ice and almost impossible to traverse whilst standing up!

Here is Paisley Abbey basking in the winter sunshine. It is believed (but not proven) that William Wallace aka 'Braveheart' was educated here.

Another view of the Abbey.

This is the 19th century Town Hall financed by the Clark family's textile wealth.

Patterned ice on the White Cart River.

This is one of the former textile mills, known as the Anchor Mills. Now refurbished as part residential and part business premises.

The frozen White Cart Water (river) near to the Anchor Mills.

Another aspect of Anchor Mills with trademark/logo on the railings.

Overall, a productive morning in the bitter cold. Even the brakes on my bike froze!
I would like to provide more tours around Paisley but, sadly, there is only modest demand.


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