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Ice Cold in Glasgow, Scotland

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Today, proved very interesting. Continuance of the bitterly cold weather prompted me to cycle off down to Glasgow City to photograph the iced up River Clyde. We are currently experiencing an unusual, extreme weather event producing effects and scenery which I have never before witnessed in Scotland.

On returning home, I tied up some loose ends on a couple of tours I have in the pipeline; one ancestry tour and one round Scotland group tour.

Reverting to my morning sojourn in Glasgow, the various images and videos are explained below.

Red on White. This is the paddle steamer, 'Waverley' iced up at its mooring near the Science Centre.

This shows the iced up Clyde just outside the BBC building.

More red on white! A red jacketed couple out for a stroll with the Squinty Bridge in the background.

This is the new, snow covered, Squiggly Bridge. Glaswegians dream up some interesting unofficial bridge names!

This shot was taken looking upstream towards Glasgow's East End. Appears to be sunset but was actually taken about 11.00am.

Seagulls on a patch of iced up Clyde.

Footbridge over the Clyde.

I had not before noticed this interesting monument on the bank of the Clyde. It is actually a memorial to volunteers from Britain who gave their lives during the Spanish civil war of which 65 emanated from Glasgow. The legend underneath reads " Better to die on your feet than live forever on your knees". Can't argue with that!

Icicles under a bridge.
Ice floes against a bridge.

Here is a collection of interesting video shots. First clip was taken near the City Centre. Second Clip shows the Armadillo Conference Centre, Finnieston Crane, Squinty Bridge, BBC building, Science Centre and Tower, the Waverley, the frozen over Clyde with a glimpse of the Tall Ship. Third video covers similar sites as no 2 albeit from a different viewpoint.
video video video


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Blogger Dame Anne said...

thank you for sharing those videos, many people of Scottish blood here in the states are very concerned about both people and animals in this brutal Artic climate. The Hudson River flowing from north of Albany NY to the Harbor of New York City is frozen over and the iceboats are out here in the Hudson Valley. The largest and oldest Ice boat the Jack Frost built in the 1800's is a three masted boat that can reach up to 80mph on the ice today.

January 10, 2010  

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