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Glasgow Park in Scottish Winter

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The extreme cold weather continues in Scotland. This is now a once in 30 year perhaps once in 100 year event which is causing a range of problems across a wide sphere spanning roads, trains, schools, fuel deliveries, frozen pipes and even treacherous walking on the frozen pavements (sidewalks).

Today, there was a plus side in that overnight Glasgow had a light deposit of snow subsequent to which we had the benefit of bright sunshine and blue skies-a great combination for photographs!

I had not planned to venture out today but I could not resist the photo opportunities adverted to above so I took off to nearby, Rouken Glen where I obtained the portfolio of images provided below.

In past times Rouken Glen was an industrial area but is now a public park amenity with golf course and is very popular with local residents and their dogs.

Here is a shot of a waterfall with frozen lake to the left.

This is, in fact another waterfall, although difficult to see through the frozen trees.

River scene

Iced up branches
Shadows on the walkway.

More frozen branches
A lone tree in the park
This video shows the unhappy group of waterfowl occupying an ever decreasing area of non-frozen water on the boating pond.



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OpenID idea15 said...

I find it very strange to see Rouken Glen in anything but bright sunshine!

January 05, 2010  

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