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Glasgow Architecture, Scotland

Monday, January 11, 2010

Today, I am digressing from a stream of weather related postings to focus on a work by Alexander Greek Thomson. However, before going into the architecture detail I will first provide a daily update.

Glasgow Weather: Today has witnessed some relief from the severe cold of late. Daytime temperature has moved into positive territory, our water pipes have unfrozen and some of the ice has melted. However, there are no sunny uplands on the immediate horizon, in fact we may get a snowstorm tomorrow.

Scotland Tours: Worked on a couple tours, one Speyside Whisky Tour for a group from London and one family group Ancestry Tour. Latter now confirmed. Also had an enquiry in for a combined Scotland-Ireland tour.

Alexander 'Greek' Thomson Architecture: Just by way of a brief introduction, Thomson was a renowned Glaswegian architect of the 19th century who took his inspiration from the architecture of ancient Greece. He left a large legacy of his work in and around Glasgow. My main, Catswhiskerstours website has a page dedicated to Thomson. Today, I am focusing on just one example of Thomson's work, namely the Grecian Buildings in Sauchiehall Street which date from 1867-68.This building was originally designed as a warehouse. As there was no Grecian precedent for warehouses, Thomson had to innovate with a result that displayed new forms in an old spirit.

The Grecian Buildings shown below now form the Centre for Contemporary Arts.



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