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Frozen Glasgow Tour, Scotland

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today in Glasgow, we experienced a continuation of the unusual combination of bitter cold coupled with blue skies and sunshine, ideal conditions for photography but not much else. According to weather experts, these conditions are a once in 20 or 30 year event and are likely to continue for a week or so yet.

I decided to visit the Necropolis (city of the Dead) again to complete my portfolio of images for upcoming new web page. Cycling conditions were 'OK'. On the way I crossed the River Clyde which I noticed is progressively freezing up, to the discomfort of the resident swans and other water birds. This was my first experience of the Clyde with a covering of ice. If the weather forecast is correct, the ice may well extend and thicken in course of the next few days.

On reaching the snowbound Necropolis the photo conditions were just fine, albeit quite cold. As I was taking a video a very friendly Robin came up close and perched on my bike handle and very kindly stayed for a photo shoot. A robin is very apposite because the bird ( as represented by St. Serf's pet robin) forms an integral part of the official arms of the City of Glasgow.

Here is an aspect of the Necropolis taken this afternoon.This burial ground dates from the late 1830s and houses the remains of Glasgow's high status and wealthy elite of the 19th century resulting in many grand and elaborate memorials.

Here is the friendly Robin adverted to above.

Swans standing on the frozen Clyde.

This video clip shows the progressive icing up of the Clyde.


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