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Dunkeld, Scotland in Winter

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This morning, I went off to one of my favourite spots in Scotland, namely the Dunkeld area in Perthshire.

This region suffered from the recant bout of extreme weather with temperatures down to minus 16 centigrade together with heavy snow which still lingers on the hills and sheltered places.

During my travel around the area the temperature was just above freezing with ice still evident on one particular loch (lake).

Images from the trip can be found below together with commentary.

This was taken from the 200 year old Bridge over the River Tay looking towards a snowy Dunkeld with Craig a Barns (hill) in the background.

This was taken from the north bank of the Tay with the Telford Bridge on the right looking towards Birnam Hill in the centre. Birnam has connections with Shakespeare's Macbeth via Birnam Wood and the Birnam Oak.

The following three images cover Loch of the Lowes, maybe 3 miles from Dunkeld. This is a wildlife reserve (predominantly birds) with well placed viewing hides. I was the only visitor. Ice still covered large sections of the loch.

In summer, Loch of the Lowes is famous for its visiting Ospreys which breed there and can be viewed on CCTV. There are many other water birds, red squirrels, pine martens, otter and deer. I was particularly intrigued by the bird feeding stations which attracted a huge range of 'customers' particularly siskins (small yellow birds). This is a quality experience for visitors interested in wildlife and ornithology.

This shows the snowed over Dunkeld and Birnam Golf Course. No teeing off today!

This was taken at a fishing beat on the bank of the River Tay near Dalguise looking towards a snow capped Capel Hill.

Overall, an interesting trip. A completely different micro climate to that prevailing in Glasgow.


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