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Comet Steamboat, Port Glasgow, Scotland

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The theme of my blog posting this evening is a pioneering steamboat (above) built in Port Glasgow in 1811-1812. Before focusing on this particular topic I will first address daily developments:

Scotland Tours: Made progress with a range of tours under review including a self-drive tour of the British Isles and a Rennie Mackintosh walking tour of Glasgow. Discovered its extremely difficult to get a rental car for one way, Belfast to Dublin. Only one company will do it!

Glasgow Weather: Mild, overcast and dry. About right for this time of year.

Glasgow Genealogy: Posted information to my Glasgow Ancestry blog on Stewart family history from information at Glasgow's Necropolis.

Catswhiskerstours website: Just completed a new page for Glasgow. Waiting for this and another Scotland tour page to go live.

Blogging: My Scottish Country Dance post of Jan 16th 2010 was well received by the local branch. They have put in a link to the post from their website.

Steamboat Comet: Port Glasgow is best known as the birthplace of the first steam passenger vessel which was developed by Henry Bell, a semi-literate stone-mason. The Comet was built by John Wood & Co and was launched July 24th 1812. The vessel provided passenger services between Glasgow, Greenock and Helensburgh on the river Clyde. John Wood, the builder was born 1745, became a carpenter and then purchased his own ship yard in 1781. He died Nov 22nd 1811 leaving his son to oversee the launch of the Comet on July 24th 1812.

The vessel shown in the video clip below is a replica and is evidently in a deteriorating state of repair. If this continues there will be a need for a replica of the replica! Why not establish a shipbuilding museum in Port Glasgow and take the vessel under cover? There is plenty of space, and much marine heritage and history to record in this area.



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