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Undiscovered Glasgow, Scotland- Hawkhead

Monday, December 21, 2009

This morning, I found myself in the Crookston area of Glasgow and took the opportunity to visit a huge tower which I have noticed on the landscape between Paisley and Glasgow.

This tower transpires to be the water tower for a former mental hospital at Hawkhead called the Govan District Asylum and dates from 1895.

Whilst the former Victorian era buildings are no longer used, the site has been re-built and renamed as the Levendale Hospital and still provides services for mental health and related illnesses.

The tower remains in good condition and appears to be floodlit at night.

I am pleased to have satisfied my curiosity regarding the origins and functions of the tower.

Whilst in the area noticed a seven mile cycle route along the White Carte River, from Crookston to Paisley. I will explore this when the weather improves.

Overall, a productive morning despite the presence of black ice and a sprinkling of snow.

This image shows the tower on the local landscape.

Close up of tower.
Video clip of the water tower.



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