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Tour of Eaglesham Moor, Scotland

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last night was bitterly cold ( about minus 10 C in Glasgow and minus 16 C in the Scottish Highlands).

This morning I arose early with intention of obtaining some images showing the effects of the unusual low temperatures. So, I went off early on my mountain bike to Eaglesham Moor which has a high elevation and hence prospective good views of Glasgow and surrounding area. I had hoped to get images of the City of Glasgow basking in the winter sunshine but this proved not possible. However, I did obtain many other images with which I am reasonably happy and which are discussed below.

This shows Montgomery Street, Eaglesham ( a conservation village) with the local church.

Stag with his entourage of hinds.

Small copse (wood) basking in the winter sunshine.

Aspect of the wind farm on Eaglesham Moor. This is the largest wind farm in Europe.

View towards East Kilbride.

The following four panoramic images were all taken from a high standpoint and look towards the snow covered Campsie Fells (hills) beyond Glasgow. The City of Glasgow sits roughly in the centre of the images but is obscured by shadow.

This is the spire of Eaglesham Church

Upon return I was suffering from mild hypothermia because of the extreme cold and chill factor due to cycling downhill. Just about back to normal now.

Another cold night tonight then there are some prospects of the temperature lifting a little.


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