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Temple of Luxor, Egypt

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

This evening, I am collating images and memories of recent visit to Luxor, Egypt. This was the Thebes of ancient Egypt, a city renowned for its wealth but sacked in 672BC and subsequently destroyed completely around 2000 years ago.

Key facts relating to the Temple of Luxor:

  • Known locally as Amon's Southern Harem.
  • Started by Amon-Ofis III, enlarged by Tutmose III and finished by Ramses II.
  • Linked to the nearby Temple of Karnak by a long avenue of sphinxes with human heads.
  • The great pylon at the entrance was built by Ramses II and is 65m wide.
  • In front of the entrance is one obelisk (25m high) which dates from the time of Ramses II. Its twin can be found in Paris, France to where it was removed in 1833.
  • The two massive statues at the entrance represent the Pharaoh.
  • Insider the entrance is the courtyard of Ramses II then a 25m long colonnade leads to the courtyard of Amon-Ofis III.
Entrance showing the two colossi.

Remains of interior paintings dating from Roman times, apparently representing Roman senators.

Part of the avenue of sphinxes

Remaining obelisk of Ramses II

Video clip of interior.



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