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Scottish Farmers Market

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This morning, with temperature at zero centigrade and a light sprinkling of snow, my wife and I ventured out to nearby Clarkston to undertake a spot of last minute Christmas shopping at the Farmers Market which is held in the station car park.

Here we found a range of stalls selling a wide variety of wholesome (organic and the like) products including fruit and vegetables, meat, bread, burgers, fish, pies, cheese and even chocolate and Italian produce.

Shopping in the sort of environment in the cold and outdoors is a somewhat different experience from the usual sterile supermarket, maybe that's the appeal of these sort of markets which are common all around the U.K.

The products are not cheap but there is the impression of value for money and a direct connection with the local producer, which is nice.

The tiny bread stall was very popular. It was instructive that people would be prepared to queue up in the cold to purchase bread when there was a local supermarket just 5 mins walk away. Maybe there is a message here for the marketing people as I have noticed that British people will always wait patiently in line for bread where it is perceived as a value or unusual product.

Below are some images of the various stalls together with a video clip at the bottom of the post.

The forecast predicts severe weather for Scotland in the immediate future so perhaps we just got our shopping completed in time! Might even have a white Christmas.



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