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Kom Ombo, Egypt

Friday, December 11, 2009

Today, proved somewhat dismal in Glasgow, Scotland. There was persistent fog which closed the airport for sometime. I did manage to get out for a short while, to obtain images for my separate ancestry themed blog but, other than that little escapade, there were no real opportunities to obtain photographs of architecture or much else.

This evening, therefore, I am going to dip in, again, to the portfolio of images accumulated during my recent Egypt tour which had a strong influence on ancient and modern architecture which in turn is represented in certain parts of Glasgow, particularly in work by Greek Thomson, e.g.the Egyptian Halls in Union Street.

This evening, I am going to focus on Kom Ombo, the ancient city of Pa-Sabek, where the crocodile god was worshipped in pre-dynastic times. Location is between Edfu and Aswan.

Kom Ombo in fact comprises two temples, on the right is a temple dedicated to the god Sebak, the god of fertility, whilst the temple on the right is dedicated to Haroeris, the solar god of war.

The temple was rebuilt by the Ptolemies around AD300 on an earlier site dating from Tutmose III. The edifice is located close the edge of the Nile.

During the period of our visit the light faded quite rapidly

Carved pillar from the hypostyle hall.

These inscription show early medical/surgery tools.

Two images of the temple taken as the light fades.

The site also features a sophisticated system for predicting the rise of the Nile at flood time.


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