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Karnak, Egypt

Thursday, December 03, 2009

This evening, I am catching up on my portfolio of images, etc., following return from trip to Egypt and it's stunning archaeology and architecture.

Karnak is a few kilometres from modern Luxor (formerly Thebes). This ancient and extensive complex, extending to about forty two hectares, is full of impressive architecture, monuments, and temples. Includes in the site is (a) the temple dedicated to Amon (b) sanctuary on Montu, god of war and (c) sanctuary of the goddess, Mut who was Amon's wife and represented as a vulture.

This first image shows the colossal statue of Pinedjem, albeit from an unusual angle.

Hieroglyphics incorporating cartouche.

Tour group in shadow of obelisk.

Here is the actual obelisk, of Tutmose I

Statues of two pharaohs
View with hypostyle hall in the background.This hall measures about 102 m long and 53m wide within which area stand no less than 134 columns 23m high.

It is reported that, during the 19th dynasty, more than 81,000 persons were involved in the construction of the Temple of Amon. The hypostyle hall contains columns sponsored by no less than four different pharaohs.

Carving of a gigantic scarab (dung beetle).

Sphinxes of Ramses II in the Ethiopian Courtyard.

Details of the hypostyle hall.

Ram-headed sphinx, one of two columns at entrance to the first pylon at the Temple of Karnak

Another aspects of the hypostyle hall.

One side of the avenue of ram-headed sphinxes.

This video clip shows the sacred lake with the hypostyle hall in the background. The lake is some 120m long. This is where then priests carried out nocturnal rituals.



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