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Historic Crookston Castle, Glasgow, Scotland

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This morning, Boxing Day, the temperature in Glasgow, Scotland rose to around zero but this relief was offset by a snow storm. I usually go out on my bike to get images but this morning I elected for the soft option and went off in the car to photograph historic Crookston Castle, which is the second oldest building in Glasgow. The wintry conditions certainly served to present the building in a different light!

The site may have been used as an Iron Age fort ( about 2000 years ago) but the current fortification probably dates from the late 12th century when Robert de Croc built the first recorded castle on the site. In 1330 the estate came into possession of the Stewarts of Darnley who undertook various improvements and embellishments. Following a siege in 1544 the castle was abandoned in the late 16th century.

Crookston Castle is under the care of Historic Scotland and is usually open to the public (but not today!). The castle stonework is noted to be exceptional quality and must have been the responsibility of a master mason.


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