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Greek Thomson Architecture, Millbrae Crescent

Sunday, December 06, 2009

This afternoon, with benefit of some unseasonal sunshine, I drove down to obtain some images and video clips for a new web page I am planning for Alexander 'Greek' Thomson architecture, Glasgow, Scotland.

Very briefly, 'Greek' Thomson was a 19th century architect and perhaps one of the greatest minds in Scottish architecture of his day. He was inspired by the architecture of ancient Greece but never actually visited that country.

Thomson left a considerable legacy of his work around Glasgow. This image and video shows Millbrae Crescent, Langside, Glasgow which dates from 1876-77. It was one of the jobs completed after Thomson's death by his last partner, Robert Turnbull, but its flair and elegance in combining the style of rustic villas with the urbanity of the terrace (row house) suggests that it was designed by Thomson.



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