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Greek Thomson Architecture, Castlehill, Glasgow

Monday, December 14, 2009

Today in Glasgow we experienced some welcome relief from the fog and murk of the past 4 days or so. The sun actually managed to sneak through and provide some welcome light!

This afternoon, I went off to capture another Alexander 'Greek' Thomson property image. I had two in mind (near neighbours) but the second was obscured by a line of trees in front of the building so I was left with the just one which is located in a 'High End' part of town.

The image below shows a fine, but typical Thomson villa with its asymmetrical elevation, low-pitched roofs and wide eaves all in context of Thomson's characteristic abstracted Grecian style.

Thomson was a famous 19th century Glasgow/Scottish architect who was inspired by the architecture of ancient Greece notwithstanding which he never actually left British shores during his lifetime.


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