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Greek Thomson Architecture, Caledonia Road Church

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This afternoon was reasonably dry and mild. So, after a spot of lunch, I cycled down to near the centre of Glasgow ( actually the Gorbals) to view and photograph the now ruined Caledonia Road Church which was designed by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson during the period 1856-57.

This was Thomson's first church but now a forlorn ruin on the edge of the Gorbals having been burned by vandals in 1965. However, all is not lost! The remains display dignity and distinction, with an elevated portico and a most unusual tower, probably inspired by modern German architecture.

These ruins are easily accessed, on what is now an island surrounded by heavy traffic.

Thomson's memorial is within a mile of this spot, at the Southern Necropolis. He was born 1817 in Balfron and died 1875. During his working life he took enormous inspiration from the architecture of ancient Greece without ever having actually visited Greece.


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